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Sep 28, 2010 7:30pm PDT
or soon will be. i would like to publicly thank linda a. gavin, mary durkheim, and ellen woo, who have worked diligently to provide sites with materials as requests are received. since the end of july, they have prepared text book orders, transferred books from one site to another, and packed boxes to send out from the district warehouse. i will take any questions you have at this moment. commissioner maufas: looking at the graphs i see here, i guess i am really struggling. when i look at the highest percentages, it looks like they were ordered september 20. do we have the timeline of when those books are going to be received? the percentages are so high. in many cases, 100% of shortages. if they were ordered september 20, do we know when they will arrive? do you know what the students are doing in lieu of having the materials, when the percentage is so high of the shortages? >> i can answer the first question for you. that is that the turnaround usually is one to two weeks. in some cases, we get them within a few days, depending upon the vendor we are using and how far away they are.
Sep 1, 2010 7:30pm PDT
to the front here, that would be ellen, vanderslice and michael and peter and jack and maggie, and we are lessons learned and i really appreciate the feedback and you staying with us throughout this day. >> i guess, i will kick this off, and start at the far left, jack, would you. would you like to reflect on what you have heard or maybe, i think the forum itself presented some new ideas with your work in san francisco. would you like to share those? >> thank you very much for sticking around and i got a lot of notes, about 10 pages and i will have to di -- digest it and i heard that there are streets that are too wide and i heard the discussion about bulbs out and i know they are expensive and work with the better streets and the most cost effective way and there are great ways and to get scientific on resources. and i heard about speeding, and i heard some good suggestions and heard about statistics from the police, i would like to find out more about that and how many sites are we writing and that's an important part of reduction. and good ideas about education and the decals on th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2